Klek Riviera is a part of Dalmatian coast of Adriatic, and it stretches from Bacina Lakes over the Neretva delta to Klek and Neum on the south . From Klek to the mouth of the river Neretva, there are some attractive tourist settlements with beautiful beaches and bays where one can find a pleasant place for a good relaxation :Klek ,Radalj/Repic,Duboka , Komarna , Kremena/Duba and Blace. On our site you can find a selection of apartmentsand houses on Klek Riviera and lots of travel information with on-line accommodation booking.


Dubrovnik - the city of a unique political and cultural history (the Dubrovnik Republic,also known as Republic of Ragusa,has the Statute from 1272), of world-famous cultural heritage and beauty - is one of the most attractive and famous cities of the Mediterranean. Apart from its outstanding natural beauties and well-preserved cultural and historical heritage, Dubrovnik also offers high-quality visitor opportunities. Dubrovnik is just 1 hour of driving from Klek (73 km). Go and visit this "Pearl of the Adriatic".


Naronawas the name of the ancient Roman city that was located in the Neretva valley in present day Croatia. The city was located on the alluvial planes, between present day City of Metković and Vid. Naronawas the major Roman stronghold which became a colony in 2nd century BC, and settlement was occupied until the start of 7th century and stopped functioning as a settlement soon after the arrival of Croatian tribes in the region.